Joan Zylkin
Event Painter


Joan Zylkin Event Painter

Wedding and Event Painter in Philadelphia, PA

I am a human camera - I paint the wedding while it unfolds in an oil painting


Joan Zylkin, The Event Painter
734 S. Marvine Street
Philadelphia PA 19147
In Business Since 1996


Training or Degree
Fine Arts training at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia



How and why did you get started in event painting?

I am a human camera, which means I capture images rapidly with paint and brushes. I began painting weddings when invited by someone who saw me painting people on Philadelphia's South Street. He saw that I could capture people very quickly, without them posing for me. Since that I have painted at weddings, Bar Mitzvah's, corporate events, stage performances on stage and back stage, and all kinds of musicians.


What can you tell us about your specialties?
I specialize in capturing the whole event in one painting and can also offer additional smaller paintings which make very personal gifts, or I can offer a package of multiple smaller paintings. I can also work from photographs after the event. I am based in Philadelphia.

The Event Painter in Philadelphia, PA